The Salvation Client

The Salvation Client We will come out and say without any hesitation that Salvation is not for everyone. Salvation clients come from many different backgrounds, but they have some significant similarities that draw them to us. In the process of identifying who we serve, we must look deeper and identify why and how we serve […]

How To Start CrossFit The Right Way

How To Start CrossFit The Right Way With the rise of CrossFit over the past decade there is now a plethora of gyms popping up trying to take people in and get them “fit” via CrossFit’s definition. Sadly, many of these gyms are just looking to take their clients’ money and then get them hot, […]

What is Salvation?

What is Salvation? Let’s lay out some facts. It is human nature to try to stay comfortable. It is not natural to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and away from mediocrity, and it is especially not common to have the discipline to do it on a daily basis. Many people allow themselves to […]