A couple of weeks ago we talked about longevity with all of our members. We went over all of the main factors that go into living a long and vital life including mental acuity, physical ability, and purpose. Out of that discussion came a goal of creating our own blue zone which is a high density of people who live large, vital lives into their 80s, 90s, and 100s. We talked about not just merely existing but rather being able to express fitness for as long as possible.

One of the examples of fitness expression was to be able to hike up a mountain in your 90s. Out of this goal came the saying “see you at the top” in reference to how our community is bought into this goal of resisting entropy and creating enduring physical expression.

The ironic thing is, the goal isn’t to just get to the top… it’s to always be able to climb. Yes, this is how deep we take fitness. It’s not just about your squat numbers or your 5k times. We dig that too… but we see training as a path to live a larger life. If that resonates with you then this might be your tribe. Want to join our blue zone? Then maybe we’ll see you at the top.