Team strength and performance programming is run off of 3-month cycles designed to enhance certain physical attributes in order to increase your overall athletic based fitness.

We aim to develop this athletic based fitness to the highest degree in these 5 areas:

Max Strength – The ability to generate force to overcome resistance
Strength Endurance – Delaying muscle fatigue during work.
Midline and Grip strength – The ability to transfer force being generated.
Aerobic Capacity – Increasing the ability to consume oxygen and metabolize fat during exercise.
Work Capacity – The ability to maximize power output over time using diverse formats.

Our disciplined approach guides us on a course of continuous athletic development. The attributes listed above take time to develop and persistence to master. Whatever brought you in here, it is our mission to develop these physical attributes along with the mental fortitude and leadership capability to be better and seek challenges in all aspects of life.

Month to Month
6 Month
12 Month


While our fundamentals are done in a one on one setting, if you complete your fundamentals and decide team training is not for you and private coaching is a better fit, we will tailor a program to fit your desired outcomes. This is the best way to dial in the accuracy of a program to meet your specific needs. If you are training for a particular event that demands results outside of our team training such as a triathlon or a CrossFit competition, then private coaching might be the best option for you.
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
12 Sessions