Hello Everyone, Coach Amanda here this week to discuss our lower back and hip health! In the gym, our low back and hips (together known as the lumbopelvic hip complex) are prevalent in almost every exercise we do and work together to deliver a blend of stability and mobility. The main function of our lumbopelvic […]


Discipline Reset Unpacking Behavior Change in Three Parts It’s the time of year for… resolutions and I must be honest, I’m not a huge fan. I know there have been plenty of success stories from individuals who decided in January that they would begin to implement productive behavior but most of what I’ve come across […]


Hi everyone, Coach Blake here to talk about wrist health. In the gym (and out of the gym) our wrists are vitally important for many basic functions we often take for granted. Whether you’re doing a bench press, typing at your desk, or stirring a pot of soup, your wrists are under constant strain and […]


STRENGTH STANDARDS How strong is strong enough? The primary answer to that comes down to whether you’re capable of handling the demands faced outside the gym. If weakness is keeping you from performing optimally, whether it be for your job, sport, or just in-life tasks then that needs to be addressed.  Just like most things […]


SUCCESS  Our definition of success is fulfillment derived from an honest reflection of our level of discipline, focus, and execution of the process that leads to achievement.  Achievement is a byproduct that you can’t always control.  Success is up to you. 


FUNDAMENTALS Getting a base level of strength in the fundamental patterns of squatting, hinging, lunging, pushing/pulling, and carrying has the largest transfer to your health and performance. Layer that with proper sleep and fundamental nutrition such as calorie balance, macro portions, and nutrient-dense food, and you’ve solved 99% of fitness-related problems. Unfortunately, the industry is […]


STRENGTH- THE CAPACITY TO WITHSTAND AND OR PRODUCE FORCE. Strength training doesn’t mean you are a powerlifter or a bodybuilder. It could simply mean that you want to live your highest performing life for as long as possible. Regardless of your goal… strength training needs to be involved. It’ll empower you to chase any physical […]


SEE YOU AT THE TOP 🏔 A couple of weeks ago we talked about longevity with all of our members. We went over all of the main factors that go into living a long and vital life including mental acuity, physical ability, and purpose. Out of that discussion came a goal of creating our own […]


WHY HOW WHAT From the early days of Salvation Strength & Performance, we’ve used this framework to identify and mold the culture we’re constructing here. WHAT WE DO: performance-based strength and conditioning programs HOW WE DO IT: individualized training programs delivered in a small team environment WHY WE DO IT: to build a tribe of […]

Why You Should Consider An Individualized Fitness Program

Group fitness has a large appeal. You get to meet up with your friends at the gym and share the experience of the “wod” together. Everybody gets to attempt the same or similar versions of the workout and even if you suffer through it at least you completed it with your gym fam. You guys […]