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Why You Should Consider An Individualized Fitness Program

Group fitness has a large appeal. You get to meet up with your friends at the gym and share the experience of the “wod” together. Everybody gets to attempt the same or similar versions of the workout and even if you suffer through it at least you completed it with your gym fam. You guys […]

The “Workout Of The Day” Is Failing You

It’s pretty common to walk into a CrossFit gym, or any other knock-off high intensity gym, and see workouts written in complete randomness and then asked to perform them either “for time” or as an “AMRAP.” This is known as task or time priority. You’re given a task to do and told to perform it […]

Tips For MURPH Coming Off of Quarantine

Alright, most gyms have been shut down for 8 or more weeks due to Coronavirus, but it looks like things are slowly creeping back to normal just in time for Memorial Day. It’s tradition in most CrossFit gyms to perform the workout “Murph” on this day as a way to honor LT. Michael Murphy and […]

How to Apply Training Principles to a Bodyweight Only Program

Alright, things are crazy right now and many of us are struggling to maintain our exercise programs due to lack of resources. For many of you who were members of a fitness facility before the quarantine, this time can be especially hard because you were so accustomed to using certain pieces of equipment to help […]

How To Start CrossFit The Right Way

How To Start CrossFit The Right Way With the rise of CrossFit over the past decade there is now a plethora of gyms popping up trying to take people in and get them “fit” via CrossFit’s definition. Sadly, many of these gyms are just looking to take their clients’ money and then get them hot, […]