How strong is strong enough? The primary answer to that comes down to whether you’re capable of handling the demands faced outside the gym. If weakness is keeping you from performing optimally, whether it be for your job, sport, or just in-life tasks then that needs to be addressed. 

Just like most things in the fitness industry, there is too much vagueness around strength. Just because you go to a gym or you did whatever metcon and scored a thousand reps doesn’t make you strong. 

Here are some baseline numbers that people can use to bounce their performance off of:

  • Upper Vertical Pull
    • Males = 5+ perfect pull-ups
    • Females = 3+ perfect pull-ups
  • Squat
    • 85-100% of your body weight x5 reps
  • Hip Hinge (deadlift)
    • 1.0-1.25 x body weight x5 reps
  • Upper Horizontal Push
    • Males = 20+ push-ups
    • Females = 10+ push-ups
    • Males Bench Press = body weight x 1 rep
    • Females Bench Press = 75% body weight x 1 
  • Single Leg
    • Two DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x5 reps/leg at 25-30% BW in each hand

Is this list the end all be all? Absolutely not. These are just some basic movement patterns and exercises that serve as a baseline. If you’re at or above these… great but keep focusing on how your strength is serving you and where you need to take it next.

If you’re not at this level then we hope you look at this and see an opportunity. We hope you see how your life may improve by being stronger.