What is Salvation?

What is Salvation?

Let’s lay out some facts. It is human nature to try to stay comfortable. It is not natural to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and away from mediocrity, and it is especially not common to have the discipline to do it on a daily basis.

Many people allow themselves to go through their lives constantly seeking the security of mediocracy and bypassing all of the hard work and vulnerability of which excellence and mastery require.

At Salvation, we believe that those who embrace this attitude may find comfort in the moment but will ultimately destroy their potential and their ability to contribute to their teams or communities. Our approach is to eradicate this mindset and foster an environment for those who truly want to reach their peak potential. Our mission is to empower those individuals with a training program and environment designed to not just meet their expectations but rather dominate the demands of their jobs, sports, and lives.

How does a strength & conditioning program do this, you might ask? It starts with the mindset and character development that we breed at Salvation. It’s pretty easy to get a positive emotional response out of someone when you ask them if they want to dominate the physical and psychological demands of their jobs, sports, or lives. Pretty much everyone says, “hell yeah!” but plenty of people have said yes and failed to maximize their potential. So, what gives?

The concept of maximizing your potential and dominating the demands placed in front of you does not come to you by accident. What it ultimately comes down to is making a decision each and every day to follow a process and be committed to a standard of actions and behaviors to the best of your ability. It is in this decision and process that you deliver yourself from the ruins of mediocre performance.

Mediocre, by definition, is of only moderate quality; not very good. Here at Salvation, we are in the business of preparing individuals to dominate the physical and psychological demands of jobs, sports, and life. If you have a default mindset to mediocrity, then we urge you to check yourself before stepping foot in our facility. No one ever made a meaningful contribution to his or her team or community through mediocracy.

It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. The other side of this truth is anyone can do it; anyone can wake up and make the decision to crush the process. And when enough people do this, we end up with a community that doesn’t make excuses for poor performance: a community that strives daringly to maximize their potential and in doing so, makes more of a contribution than anyone who ever settled for the perceived safety of mediocre effort.

This task is not easy, it takes an uncommon discipline to put the effort in everyday to not be average, but the reward is fulfillment – knowing you had the courage and the will to fight and go the distance for everything you ever wanted.

Will you seek your Salvation and pursue excellence? Will you deliver yourself from this false sense of security? Will you enter the arena and put everything out there, or will you stand on the sidelines and be like so many others who are just critics of those who are daring greatly?