The Salvation Client

The Salvation Client

We will come out and say without any hesitation that Salvation is not for everyone. Salvation clients come from many different backgrounds, but they have some significant similarities that draw them to us.

In the process of identifying who we serve, we must look deeper and identify why and how we serve them in the first place. Salvation is not just an exercise facility. We are a training and education facility that is on a specific mission.

This mission is, “to empower our clients to dominate the demands of their job, their sport, or their lifestyle.”

This is not some arbitrary statement. The meaning behind this must be looked at deeply. Our clients come from an exclusive demographic of individuals and they come to us with unique and specific goals that fall into one of three categories: job, sport, or lifestyle.

Before getting into the different groups, let’s break down some key aspects of this mission statement for further clarification. The first word that pops out is EMPOWER. What this means for you is that we are aiming to develop interdependent clients who take responsibility for their fitness. Through a comprehensive education on training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors, such as sleep rhythm and stress management, our clients learn the habits that will lead to their success and vitality. This education also leads to the client implementing a methodology that is sustainable for the rest of their lives. So many programs out there chew clients up and spit them out after couple months or even weeks. We don’t want clients who are just looking for the latest fitness trend to keep themselves entertained while they sweat. We teach the principles of exercise and nutrition that have stood the test of time and will continue to work for you in the future.

The next segment to break down is “dominate the demands.” What this means is, first we must truly understand the unique demands the client is facing. This is how program design works. What is the goal, what are the physical attributes and benchmarks needed to achieve that goal, then what are the methods we will use to attain those physical attributes? On top of that, we want our clients to DOMINATE these demands. We aim for them to have ultimate physical and psychological control over these demands, so they have more confidence, security, and fulfillment in their lives. They will never doubt their abilities in the face of any challenge they wish to pursue.

Our programming serves three different types of client goals. The first of the three are our clients who come to us because they have a physically demanding job. These are clients who NEED specific training in order to fulfill the requirements of their job duties. Examples would be military, law enforcement, first responders, and any other physically demanding job. Many of these clients have physical assessments that are required to have a position. Fitness to them is not only a requirement for the job, but it could very well save their life one day.

Next, we have sport. This is for any athlete who is competitive in any form of sport where certain physical attributes are needed. The sports can range from any sort of field sport all the way to competitive fitness. The main thing here is, that this group is competitors. They take their sport very seriously and are looking to reach maximum physical potential in a short amount of time.

The third group makes up the largest number in terms of total clientele. This is for our lifestyle group. These individuals don’t work a physically demanding position, nor do they compete in any serious manner. What they train for is vitality and to live a certain lifestyle with no physical restrictions. The big takeaway for this group is that they are still training FOR something. Maybe they are frequent scuba divers, or they like to rock climb. They could enjoy the ability to jump into a CrossFit competition on a whim just to go have fun. Maybe they do mountain biking on the weekends, or maybe they’re a mom who just wants to kick ass and have a certain lean body mass. Ultimately, they want to live a certain lifestyle that is more. More activity and less restrictions. More confidence, more fulfillment, and more excitement.

If you want to train FOR something, then this is the place for you. If you are looking for a sustainable methodology and lifestyle that will bring you more out of your life, then you belong here.

Don’t come here looking for the latest fitness trend or to be entertained while you sweat. Do a self-assessment and identify where life is demanding more of you. Where can you have more excitement and fulfillment. If you want to dominate these demands and learn to thrive in the face of them, then we have a community that welcomes you to come join them on that same path.